Saturday, January 19, 2008

Taking comfort in being uncomfortable, Part IV

I thought I was done with this series, but I had a thought today that ties back into day one. Is it wrong to be comfortable? Let me answer that with another question: Is it wrong to choose comfort when others are stuck in discomfort? What if you could choose being uncomfortable to comfort someone else? To what extent would you go? How much would you give up? Instead of having extra, what if you gave the extra to someone so that they could be comforted? At what cost are we willing to forgo comforting others to ensure our comfort? Comforting ourselves costs somebody, somewhere, something. Perhaps by choosing to live uncomfortably, we can comfort someone today and/or for eternity. The more comfortable we get with living uncomfortably, the more comfort we will receive from God to give to others. May we be the hands and feet and heart of God to comfort the oppressed, the hurting, the poor and the hopeless. May this comfort you and not burden you, as legalism and guilt are not godly nor healthy. But may we also not excuse our responsibility to comfort others to show them a father's love.

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