Thursday, January 24, 2008

We got the POWER!!!

Yup, but a 45 minute break from power today, we were in the light all day!!! It was wonderful and I want to share some of the stories I mentioned yesterday along with a few other thoughts!

We had some security doors put in our house today. We didn't have bars on many of the windows and instead of putting them on all the windows, we decided to just do three doors inside. The cool thing is that one of the pastors that I work with and his crew put them in. Yesterday the power went out and they couldn't finish the work. Today, when I picked him up, I told him that I didn't know how the power would hold up. He said, "We will just have faith." Uh, who is the teacher:) He rebuked/encouraged me later as well when we were talking about how much to give to the Zambians who helped me out of the huge ditch. He said, "Do unto others as you would have them to do to you." It was so appropriate, perfect and helpful. Pastor Alfred, the professional welder. Thank you for teaching me.

Today, we turned a crucial corner in our pastor's class. Peter Zulu preached the first sermon. It has been about three months of teaching and practice and bit by bit (ponono a ponono) they learned the process of inductive study and expository preaching. Today was the first day that one of them worked through this process and then preached a sermon. It was a good first start. My favorite part was what happened next. He missed some key parts of the message and I wasn't sure how to go about correcting it. Do I just say good job or how do I constructively help him learn through it? But, what happened next was amazing in that the students have understood the process enough that they were able to help identify some of the things that he missed. We had a great discussion on what He missed and how he could improve it. There was a great buzz after the meeting by everyone, I think, because they realized that they were going to really learn how to preach. It was a great moment. Next Tuesday, two more people will preach and then we begin Philippians 1:12-14.

Today I took Kelly to pick up his official certificate for his new business. Yup, Precision Painting is now a legally recognized company by the government of Zambia. Thanks to Brian for the great name and Romeo for some start up costs and we are in business, literally. Not only are we talking painting, but we are talking life as well, everything from an impending marriage to future business to culture. Please be praying for Kelly as I just sense that God is going to use this friendship for more than just a painting business.

I have another relationship with Frances, the electrician/plumber. I am taking him to the orphanage tomorrow to fix a bunch of this and that stuff that are broken. He also is a Jehovah Witness and I am praying about how I can bridge the gap there.

Phil and Lisa Stevenson are here for a month in Zambia. They were two years ago for 4 months and during that time they also adopted three kids from Ethiopia to give them a total of 8 kids. Phil is a pastor in Whidbey Island. They have been such a blessing to us this week, especially the past few days as they have been staying with us. We have had some great talks, Lisa has helped tremendously with the kids and best of all, they have been making these power breakfast shakes for Stephanie:) Well, two years ago when they were here, a little boy who was eight years old was walking out of his house at the same time that the neighbor was throwing out boiling water in his direction. Needless to say, everything from the chest to his knees were just devastated by this boiling water. It was a miracle that he survived, but the treatment did not go well. Well, when the Stevenson's were here, they wanted to help and tried to keep in touch, but the lost track of this boy. Well, two years later, just two weeks ago, they got back in touch with the father, and saw this boy Wisdom. They found out that one of the best doctors in the world for plastic surgery is in Lusaka. They arranged and then had the surgery (which was paid by Phil's Church) last Monday. The surgery went well. Phil and Lisa have walked with him every step of the way. And then because the house that Wisdom lives in is really too small and hot for a proper healthy environment (7 people live in a house smaller than most bedrooms), little Wisdom has been sleeping at our house with his brother James. (Wisdom is in the yellow shirt) My girls think it is the coolest thing since sliced, uh, rice cakes. Needless to say, Wisdom loves this house and the movies and the computer games. It is hard to even put it all into words the emotions that this whole thing has evoked in my mind and heart. Of all the little boys and girls who have struggles, God had his eye on this little boy and arranged for a surgery to be done to bring healing to his body. You can imagine how privileged that Phil and Lisa feel to be a part of this. It reminded me of a previous post about unrandom acts of kindness. I can't describe in this blog how different this little boys' life will be from now on. It is so easy to get overwhelmed at the needs in Zambia and this just reminded me that all that I, we, are called to do just what he has prepared for us to do. It really is as simple as loving one person at a time.

Oh, all my girls want to show you something. But, you'll have to click here to get there!

And oh, one more funny little anecdote. Tonight Julia was helping me with the dishes and I said, "Who is the biggest helper in the whole wide world?" She said, "Julia!" And then I said with a sad face, "Well, I did ask you to clear the table and you didn't..." And she said, "But... I LOVE YOU!" It was so cute!!

Thanks for journeying with us.

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