Monday, February 11, 2008

A big family welcome!

It was great to welcome in Stephanie's Parents, Jay and Carol, into our homes and lives here in Zambia. I had three very excited little girls just ready to love on their grandparents. They made these cute signs, Jay went to see Kamryn's horseback ride and Carol went to Bradyn's music class, we enjoyed a great dinner out and then all collapsed into bed!! On an interesting note, their plane was delayed an hour because of the president of Zambia boarding a plane. This frustrated Kamryn to no end who said, "I don't care about the president. I want to see my Boggie and Bumpa! " Enjoy the pictures!

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mollyllilja said...

yipee! I hope you all have a really terrific time together! Steph it is so good to see you, hope you are feeling a little better! Love you all,