Friday, February 29, 2008


I didn't know how else to title this post, but it is what I felt after hearing the story I heard today. Every week, and until this week, twice a week, I would go deep into the heart of Garden compound to meet with about 12-15 pastors and leaders to study Philippians. It has been a highlight of every week. I have written about it quite a bit. Because of the rains, I have had to detour my route and go through some really narrow, crowded roads with my big land cruiser. I have tried to describe in previous posts what it is like to get to this study, driving my big land cruiser, up and down and over these big huge potholes, driving pasts markets and bars and through little streams. This last week when I was driving back, there was a few guys who looked like they were fixing a huge pothole. It is somewhat typical for to see people fixing potholes and then looking for tips as cars drive by, especially Mzungu people like me. Well, I saw this guy walking up to my car, and by the way he was looking, with the smirk on his face, it made me a bit nervous, so I just kept driving as I piled over the rocks that were put in this road. I drove on without looking back and made it home. As I drove home, I realized I can't go that way anymore. I need to walk. Suprisingly, I felt safer walking. Well, I had a meeting and what not this last Thursday, so I had to drive again. I felt uncomfortable, a sense that all was not well. When I got to the meeting, I tried to move the location to a place that wasn't so deep into the compound. The guys didn't really want to move it, but we moved it later so I could have time and take a mini-bus and then walk down. A day later, we got a call that one of our team members who got his bag stolen from his car from a compound near town. As it turns out, the bag was recovered later that day, with half of the money, an IPOD, a camera and a bunch of important files. I heard the full story today. What I didn't realize was that the compound where the bag was stolen was in Garden, right where I drive by every week. After the guy from my team realized it was stolen, he went to the police station and the detectives then went to the scene of the crime. As they asked around, during the questioning and conversations at the bar, according to one of the Zambians with the Action team member, one guy had said that their was this Mzungu who came down twice a week and one of these days we are going to set up a trap and get him, too... As Glenn looks back on it, he feels that he was set up and it was a plan to get unsuspecting cars like him. Needless to say, I was sitting there wide eyed. I know it is always dangerous to go into compounds, especially after dark, which I don't do. There are many bars and desperate people do desperate things. I guess I write all this to just continue to thank you for your prayers for safety and wisdom. I will not be canceling my meeting, but I will be changing the venue.

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