Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's different out here...

We had a great morning picking up Brent and Kerry Roberts, the newest and last missionary family to come in for awhile... They were so thankful to be here and reminded me of us, just 5 months ago. Please pray for their adjustment! I am sure you will hear lots more about them when we begin to include them in the blog!

After breakfast with the team, I went to get oil and an oil filter. Back home, it is called "Jiffy Lube" or if you are really good, maybe the local Shucks. Well, here it is drive way, way over here to buy oil and drive way, way across town for the oil filter. But, I did another first in Africa, I changed my oil. Well, sort of, Graham Melville showed me but I am still feeling pretty cool. Just to give you a little cost comparison: 10 liters of oil cost k200,000 kwacha. I know, isn't that outrageous! And the oil filter cost k123,000 kwacha. So together, k323,000 kwacha and I still have to do it! (Just so you know, the oil came out to be $54 dollars and the oil filter, $38 dollars - crazy, huh? Graham didn't charge any labor:)

It is great to have Jay and Carol here learning and loving as we learn and love. Jay went with me to get some mosquito nets for the pastors, thanks to a friend's donation! We bought 21 nets and Jay joined the fun and bought 3 soccer balls. It was great fun giving them out and they LOVED the soccer balls. Jay was so great to have in the class! He participated, made some great points and if you know Jay, his smile is infectious. It was great having someone be part of a group of pastors and leaders that I have come to love as brothers (and a couple sisters!) Alfred preached today and as Peter Zulu said afterwards, they are all getting better, bit by bit. Each class, someone else preaches and we talk about it afterwards. It is really rewarding!

Tonight Julia is at Bumpa and Boggie's (Jay and Carol's hotel) for a special grandparent trip complete with a story, games and cereal in the morning! Brady is next and then Kamy!!!

Please continue to pray for Stephanie that she would feel well and be able to enjoy this time!!!

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