Wednesday, February 06, 2008

life as we know it...

I went and saw the neighbor girl at the hospice today where she has been taken to receive proper care. She recognized me and waved a little. She was wearing Stephanie's green fleece that Stephanie gave her. Bradyn gave me to give to here a stuffed animal dog. She doesn't speak any english and very little Nyanga. I just sat there and it was awkward, but worth it. She has a long way to go to recover. Please pray for her as you think of it. We hope to go as a family tomorrow to visit her.

I visited a place called House of Moses today. There are 32 children there, from birth to 6 months... It was quiet when I was there but I can imagine it would be loud during certain parts of the day. It was a place where Laura Bush visited in 2007 and a place where our friends in previous blogs adopted their child as well the founder of this ministry. It was heartbreaking and yet hopeful for these beautiful little babies. It is a very nice place. I hope to take the family back.

I studied for a part of the day on Philippians 1.15-18 for our pastor's study. Just really encouraged by Paul's attitude of rejoicing in the midst of being in chains and others accusing him, stealing his flock and preaching to spite him. All he cared about was that the gospel is being preached. May we have this attitude that our circumstances and our reputation and our careers and our ambitions mean very little in light of God using us to further the gospel for His glory!

Realized I haven't finished the inductive study... Application, Part IV will be tomorrow!

Lastly, I had to include this cute picture of Julia on the back of Miriam, our house help. Priceless...

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