Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our citizenship may be in Heaven, but our hearts are heavy here...

(Note: I copied some prayer requests from Mike Glick, a CAM missionary, in an email that was sent to me. There may have been some confusion that I was going to go to Guatemala which is not true, though I am there in spirit! I have deleted those prayer requests! Thanks!)

I know this blog is mostly about Africa, but I must take a break today to ask your prayer for a very difficult situation. Last year, I led a college team from Northlake Community Chruch down to Guatemela for a 9 day ministry trip. We spend 5 days up in a plantation in Huehuetenango. It was an amazing ministry trip, and part of the blessing was watching the foreman, Carlos, run the plantation, and lead the workers with integrity, skill and faithfulness. Carlos is a father of 8 wonderful children and a husband of an amazing wife. I received an email from a friend today about a tragic accident that took the life of Carlos and his oldest son, Edwin. This death affects so much more than I can even begin to describe in a blog, but I would ask that you pray for his family, the plantation and the Martinez family who run this plantation. May we be faithful and diligent in lifting up our brothers and sisters in a land far from us...

Galatians 6:2
Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Here are a few requests you can pray for:
Please be in prayer for:
Carlos' wife and many children and his brother's and extended family.
For the Martinez family, who have been as family to Carlos and his.
For Edwin Martinez as he takes care of all the stuff that needs to be taken care for the family and also for the plantation, it is harvest time and very busy there.
For the Group of 16 from Maple Valley, WA that are in the middle of this.
For wisdom for me and for Edwin and the group leadership as we pull together this week
That God's light will shine through this dark time, and He will be glorified in the outcome.

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