Saturday, February 23, 2008

A plug for my bloggin' daughters...

So I know that I blog a lot, but I know the Kamryn and Bradyn's blog are more interesting then mine. But they are updated sporadically, and I know that it can lead to someone giving up checking the blog when you check day after day and they don't have anything new up... Well, as their daddy looking after them, I have devised a couple new things. One, we have a plan to update every Tuesday evening. So, Tuesday morning you should have a new post from each of the ladies on everything Zambia. But, if for whatever reason Tuesday does not work out... Like for example, hypothetically, the power going out or something improbable like that, I set up a feed burner email thing. Just put your email in their and whenever we update the blog, you will get the email with the blog and pictures and whatever else. You will never miss another blog!!! You will receive no spam, we will not sell your emails or anything like that. We also have that on the Allen ladies blog which too isn't updated all that often except when Allen stuff happens. Thanks for loving us and following our lives over here in Africa!

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