Friday, March 07, 2008

Accents and Ants and Africa

The Roberts just moved here about 3 weeks ago. While they bring to us a wonderful southern accent, I guess we bring them something, too. Tonight Caleb, the oldest kid in the family, made a comment about how he couldn't understand Bradyn because she was from Washington.

I thought that was pretty good.

Speaking of Bradyn, she made her debut at Lusaka International Community School today. She was part of a circus, where different classes and after school activities present their talents for all the parents to see and enjoy. Brady's after school activity sang the song, "The Ants go marching one by one, hurrah!!!" Well, she was ant #8 and she was I am pretty sure the cutest one out there. You can judge for yourself.

On a different note, it was interesting observing this circus with kids and parents from all walks of life, all united by money. The school is a private school, not unlike the many in U.S. (The after school activities have been the right price for us: free!) It just struck me that having now having spent so much time in compounds, I couldn't help but think about the other countless number of kids outside those walls that have no money to go to school, don't have the opportunity to learn, be creative and celebrate talents and gifts. It is hard not to be influenced by what you see most everyday when you drive through the compounds. I am not sure I know that answer, but I at least now know to ask the question. Ignorance was bliss, I am afraid, and now I am responsible for what I know and have seen, and I feel the burden of responsibility to be a voice for the voiceless, to continue to equip and encourage pastors who are investing in students through providing community schools. That is why I love community schools that compound churches start because it is school for the most needy at the right price and most of all, the students are not only hearing the good news but also experiencing the love of Christ as well... We at Action Zambia are currently working with four community schools. Though I don't work directly with these schools, I am a cheerleader on the sidelines rooting them on!!!

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The Krause's said...

Ant #8 has always had the reputation of being the most sought after part by most serious entertainers standards.