Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do not be anxious...

I am preaching tomorrow to five churches who are gathering together for fellowship and teaching... I will be teaching on Philippians 4:6-7 which is fitting as I am trying to finish my message without feeling anxious that it isn't quite done yet and I haven't quite nailed it yet!

I came up with five answers on why anxiety is bad.

1. Jesus said not to do it. (Matt 6:25-31) So, any worrying is sin. Period. (Need I go on?)
2. When we worry, we are saying that God is not in control and by worrying we are trying to take control of a situation that is obviously outside of our control which explains why we resort to worrying.
3. You can't change anything by worrying. All it does is waste your time, life, heart and mind.
4. Peter says to cast our anxiety on the Lord for He cares for us. Why would we hold on to something if the one who can actually fix the problem truly cares about us and our life?
5. If we are anxious, we miss out on peace which guards our heart and our minds so that we can stay in the grace, holiness, joy, wisdom, righteousness and peace that is in Christ Jesus.

Anxiety should just be a little warning light in your life that lights up warning you that you need attend to something by prayer.

Don't worry, be happy. (Maybe you can't find that verse in the Bible but it sure is a great song!)

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Jenifer said...

According to Mark 4:19, worry (anxiety) also chokes out the word of God and makes it unfruitful in our lives. Yuck. We don't want that!