Friday, March 21, 2008

A Good Friday...

We had a full day today. The first thing that I loved about today was that it was a national holiday. Good Friday, Saturday, Easter and Monday after Easter are all holidays. Our housekeeper spent the night at the church from Thursday night to Friday morning worshiping God and praying and singing. I thought that was a great idea.

Anyway, for the morning we went to the Farm, the Action Zambia property, about 30 minutes from our house for our bi-weekly prayer and worship. It is a time when the team gets together to just focus on the Lord. It was especially meaningful today being Good Friday.

This evening I went to Kanyama, where I met with Pastor Bruce and his wife and we showed the Passion of the Christ to about 200+ Zambians with a video projector and a white screen. I smiled at the irony that the last time I showed an outdoor movie it was for a summer camp. And now here I was surround by hundreds of Zambians. It was pretty funny how they connected the electricity to my power strip. They wired the electrical wire around the plug. You can get the idea in the picture. We had problems with the speakers, but no problem with the power!!! The things I learn make me shake my head. I am feeling tired and so detail escapes me, but it was a very memorable Good Friday. Luke Whitfield and I went together and we laughed at the realization that we were probably the only white guys for miles around. We were deep in the compound and I guess what I was thinking was that everyone should have this experience. It was surreal as the many raised their hands to receive Christ, and a handful came forward and talked with the pastors and leaders. It was surreal to watch the people react to the beatings of Jesus and to see visually the wrath he bore for our sins. And it was surreal that I was in the middle of it, witnessing many Zambians hearing the gospel, maybe even for the first time.

I am encouraged.

Tomorrow, we go back for part two of the movie, as it was too long to show at one time. I would appreciate your prayers. Also, Sunday afternoon, we have the orphans over for a dinner, a movie and some fun!

Thanks for supporting us on this busy Easter weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Very awesome!!! What a blessing for you and yours to be able to serve the Lord in this way. So inspiring. Thank you for blogging so faithfully.

Terri Watters

Anonymous said...

hey Steve...what an exciting opportunity! can you say a bit more about the responses you're seeing to the movie?