Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Our 6 months in sixes...

We spent the dinner reflecting a bit back on the last six months of our time in Africa. So we thought we would share our six-sixes (in no particular order in category or numbers in each category! They were written how they came out the mouths of our babes!) It was cool to reminiscence a bit by linking each memory to the blog... So, stroll down memory lane with us!! Just click and be whisked away into some great, good and hard memories... Thanks for all your support and encouragement! It has been a full 6 months!

The six coolest things:
1. Seeing the elephants tromping through the forest
2. The giraffe practically looking in our window
3. The sunrise and sunsets and the sunny days
4. Seeing Victoria Falls
5. Enjoying the time at Chaminuka
6. The orphan Christmas party...

The six funnest things we did:
1. Boggie and Bumpa visiting
2. Safari(s)
3. Chaminuka
4. Swimming in the Pool
5. Adventure City
6. Trampoline

The six most memorable moments (both good and bad):
1. Kamryn's concussion
2. Finding out we were pregnant
3. Getting Louie Back
4. Kamryn screaming after seeing a rat on our first morning here.
5. Our first Sunday preaching at the compound church
6. Driving past the Livingstone turn off and getting to the border of Zimbabwe

The six funniest things:
1. Finding a crab under the car
2. Mommy and Daddy getting soaked in a rain storm
3. Watching the orphans doing a get dizzy game
4. Funny dinner times together where everyone ends up laughing
5. Laughing with our workers at our party
6. The girls being goofy...

The six scariest things:
1. Seeing the ugly Luwie Spider
2. Kamryn's concussion
3. Bradyn's malaria
4. Driving on the Zambia highway to Livingstone
5. Getting stuck in ditch in a compound
6. The rodents and snake incidents

The six highlights:
1. Having the Stevenson family and group here
2. Bumpa and Boggie
3. Giving food and medical attention for our neighbors
4. Pastor studies and pastors conferences
5. Meeting some good friends on the Action team
6. Receiving packages from friends.

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Mike Weston said...

Great Post! Loved reading about your experiences...