Saturday, March 15, 2008

Parenting and eternity...

We went to the orphanage again today. We played puzzles and painted toenails and fingernails. It was a good time:) One person asked why I work with an orphanage if I am supposed to be working with pastors. We go to the orphanage on Saturdays which is my day off. So, the ministry is like bonus ministry! I was thinking today as I watched the kids interact with their Zambian friends how thankful we are that we doing this. It is always so tough to get motivated to go especially on a Saturday morning. I know they appreciate us but I often wonder does it really make a difference. But, it never fails, that when we finally do, it is so worth it. Next Sunday, we are having the orphans over for an easter dinner, movie and play time!

I had a thought today when I was thinking about the ministry to these orphans. Honestly, I love these girls, but we are doing it more for our girls to have exposure and ministry opportunities than for us. It was cool that the other day both Bradyn and Kamryn said they want to run an orphanage when they get older. Those kinds of things make it all worth it.

This got me wondering about how strategic we are in preparing our kids to serve and minister when they get older. We have soccer and horseback riding and music class and this club and that club which are great. But, I just wonder how will they learn how to love the poor and serve the hurting and minister to the world if it isn't a priority of our family growing up. If all they have ever known was serving the poor, being uncomfortable and watching God work through them, I think they would be adequately prepared to live out Ephesians 2:10!

I was challenged by this because I think sometimes I try to entertain my children and give them opportunities when I should be not only giving them lots of opportunities to serve but also showing them how to do it as I serve right alongside them. I then started thinking about this in the context of America, where there are no orphanages down the street. What then? I think that is where one needs to be intentional and strategic. I guess it comes down to what we want for our kids and how we want them to live once they are out of our homes. This could affect not only the activities that our kids are in but also where we live, how we use our time and where we go to church. Anyway, just some things I am wrestling through here in Zambia as a parent to three lovely little ladies who God has entrusted to me on earth.

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What a cool insight re: what really prepares our kids. I so agree with you.

Louise G.