Monday, March 17, 2008

Things we don't see every day

Steph again....The other day I told the family that I had seen three things that I haven't seen before in Zambia. The first thing was a female on a bicycle. I saw her riding while wearing a chitenge (a long straight confining wrap). I thought to myself, "it must be difficult to ride a bike in a chitenge." It was then that I realized that I had never seen a female riding a bike before. Then, I was on my way home from a friends house and I saw a Zambian walking a little fluffy white dog on a leash. I call these types of dogs "Yipee dogs..." First you rarely see anyone actually walking a dog, and for sure not a fluffy yipee dog. Then, right after that I saw a Zambian couple pushing a child in a nice stroller. I've seen this down at the shopping mall, but never in a compound area. The streets are not very "stroller friendly." (Even for our 4X4 strollers that we have in the US.)
So now, the kids have a habit while we are in the car of saying, "I just saw something you don't see everyday." It kind of cracks us up because it's like they have become used to all of the crazy things that we see every day, and now they can pick out the things that seem even crazier and more unusual. Today, they spotted a boy with a baby on his back in a chitenge. Normally, babies are only worn by women or girls.

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Anonymous said...

A very fun "game" that can really only be played in places like Zambia.

I once saw kids playing by rolling rusty misshapen bicycle wheels using sticks and running alongside them. You don't see that everyday!