Monday, March 03, 2008

The tooth fairy would be proud!

We got a package today from our good friends, the Larsen Family! THANK YOU! Amidst the yummy treats of Panda Puffs and Fruit snacks and granola bar were these two letters written from Blake, 8 and Caroline, 6. As you may have seen in past blogs, we have some neighbors who basically live in total poverty. They are squatters on an abandoned plot, living in a make shift shelter. (Click here to read the blog about how God has helped us help them.)

Anyway, so in this package, we got two letters...
Here is the first one from Blake:

And here is the second one from Caroline:

With these letters, we got three $1 dollar bills.

So, today we exchanged the three dollars for 12,000 kwacha (we gave them a good exchange rate:)

We then walked down to the neighborhood corner store, and bought 12,000 kwacha worth of food. We bought three tomatoes, a bag of sugar, salt, rice and brown nuts. We bought 2 buns for each family member, a box of matches and an onion.

We then walked down to our neighbors house, and found the lady of the house sitting outside in the abandoned plot.

(You can see the door to the house in the very middle of the picture in the back.)

We gave her the food and she was very thankful. She shook each of our kids hands and put her hand to her chest, the Zambian way of expressing gratitude. After we left, we saw Miriam. So we came back a second time with Miriam. She was able to talk with her and we are hopefully going to take her to the doctor tomorrow for a check up.

Thanks Blake and Caroline for sacrificing your money to bless our neighbors a world away from you and for reminding us that it only take a little to bless a whole bunch! May you continue to grow in generosity and find ways to bless others with the money that God has blessed you with and may you always remember this verse: Ps 41:1 - Blessed is the one who considers the poor!


Anonymous said...

Love this post. Hope you don't mind...I've linked to it on a post of my own. Thanks for all your blogging. I look forward to seeing "Alive in Africa" pop up in my feed reader.

Keeping your family and your ministry in my prayers...

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful heart warming post - it filled me with joy that the children can be so empathic and generous.

Bless them all.