Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A date morning

Yes, my wife and I got away for a little date yesterday morning to get an ultrasound of our baby (singular) and study Nyanga in the little coffee shop just down the street! It was everything you would find in America, well sort of!!! The doctor scanning the baby wouldn't have let us know the sex of the baby, even if we wanted to know. He didn't even look. There is something supersitious I guess with knowing the babies sex before the birth, so he didn't even look! As you can see it wasn't the most easy to see ultrasound for Steph. The guy hardly said a word the whole time. We were thankful this was our fourth instead of our first baby. We got an ultrasound picture from a friend back home that was in 3-D? Wow. Technology advances quickly when we leave for a few months. The coffee, I guess, was chabwino (good). I had Manzi (water). That's all for now.

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