Monday, April 21, 2008

Long time no write...

Well, I have a good excuse. Power+No Internet = No bloggin'!

We had power off on Thursday and then no internet Friday, Saturday or Sunday and today as well. Now, I am not complaining (because that is sin - Philippians 2:14 - look it up) but I have to share with you this internet debacle. So, Friday it stopped working. I called and then said that they were doing a bit of work on the tower. So Friday, Saturday and Sunday, nothing (I don't think they work on the weekend.) Monday, nothing. I call in. They are almost done, and it should be up. Nothing. Hour later. Nothing. Nothing... So, I call in again, and the customer care guy says, "Hmm... Have you tried rebooting your router? Have you pulled out the cord? Have you tried putting the cord directly into your computer?" Well, I got frustrated and said, "Please tell me what has happened. Have you changed the location of your towers? This has happened to me before (It has happened to me before... They had to send a guy in to turn the direction of the satelitte receiver.) "Oh, yeah, we changed the location from Matero to Manda Hill (which is in the opposite direction!). So, I asked, "Can I have someone come change the direction of our satelitte?" He said, "Yes, I will ask the supervisor when he comes in." So, you can imagine my frustration. There was no word that they changed the location and the whole time he acted as if it was something on my end. It was only because it had happened before that I knew to ask the question. So, I called back in again, and found out that they had a plan to send people out to fix the satelitte directions, and I could find out when my turn will be when the supervisor gets back in. But, before I hung up, I asked if I could change my receiver myself, which he said, "Yes!" So, guess what, I did. And it works great, again. Just thought I would share my story of Africa internet:)

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Anonymous said...

See! Some things in Africa are exactly like in the U.S. When you call costomer service it just makes you more frustrated and you end up fixing the problem yourself anyway!