Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ms. Julia in the house

I miss you very much and I will come back in a couple weeks (or 6 weeks). When I come back I will be 4 but I will be 5 in September. I hope that you don't see anything scary. And, we can climb a lot of trees in our yard. And I hope that you won't try to miss us. I am really excited to go to Heaven because we won't have our allergies. And, we have a gate to protect us. And the guard cut down flowers. Bradyn is making every picture for you guys. I miss you very much. And, my daddy and my mommy have a cold. We have a lot of movies. And we like 'em. We love you and we will see you in a couple of days (or 46ish days). We have a big living room. My daddy, he goed to the doctor and took the toe nail off. When we step on it, it hurts. And, we do bible time to worship God. We sing and we look at the Bible and we pray for our friends in our prayer book. And when lizards go up a tree, Louie goes up a tree, too, and he gets stuck. Zorro has flies when he goes to sleep. And thank you for your emails. Bye!

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