Monday, April 21, 2008

an update on a blogless weekend

We had a busy weekend full of ministry and family. On Saturday, I taught a bible college class at Lusaka Theological College. It was a four hour class, again, with no power. So, I used the powerpoint slides off of my computer until the battery died. The ladies went to the orphanage and colored for an hour. When I got home, there was a street kid orphan there, looking for some help to find a place to live. Then we had a braai of some missionaries from different organizations. It was a good time to network and play some football. I am still sore. Then Sunday morning, I preached at church in Kalikiliki. I forgot my camera which really bummed me out. It was a straw hut church, complete with dirt floor and simple benches. It was really cool. I wish you could have been there. Today, I have preparing for my class on Saturday since we have Pastor Leadership Development team's off-site on Wed, Thursday and Friday of this week. I will be teaching again on Saturday and preaching on Sunday in a village a little ways out. The family is doing well. Kamryn and Bradyn are doing afterschool activities three days a week. Stephanie is growing bigger and bigger with her baby and all. Julia is just really cute. Thanks for your prayers!

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