Sunday, April 06, 2008

A weekend of pictures...

Kamryn and Julia made pancakes on Friday morning... So cute to see them working together and bonding like this... Julia, I think, will be the next great cook. She is always in the kitchen. Kamryn likes the kitchen, but I think she prefers a good book over learning to cook.

We celebrated our 10th anniversary on Friday. Our friend, Elise, took our picture as we were dressed up and headed out to dinner. We had a nice evening of being together, had some great talks and reflectioning (is that a word?) It is so great to be loved.

Speaking of marriage, I went to a wedding ceremony of our guard, John Daka and his wife. They have been married, but were not married in the church. So, through their Anglican church, they attended a two month marriage class and they, along with eight others, were re-married in an amazingly African style service. It was really a neat experience, one, to support our worker, but two, just the concept of a packed church supporting couples who have been married a short or long time, either renewing their vows or having their vows blessed in a church ceremony.


Ryan Donovan said...


I just came across your blog and am so excited to read about what God is doing in and with you and your family. That must be an amazing adventure. I look forward to keeping up on your ministry in Zambia, and being reminded to pray for you guys at the same time.


(In the event my name doesn't ring a bell, we met at Rock Nest Ranch.)

Webmaster said...

Congratulations Allens!

I loved your 3:16 blog, Steve. I had just realized that connection myself a few months ago. You blogged about it first, though, so you deserve the finder's fee!

Hope you had a great time together. looking forward to seeing your family in WA this summer.