Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Celebrating the Graduates

It is graduation time at the Allen Academy for Girls! Steve and Stephanie are proud to announce their graduates (complete with new haircuts!)

Kamryn Anne Allen has graduated from the 3rd grade. She is a "joy to have in class" (remember that comment on report cards? I got that one a lot! :)) She is a very creative thinker, loves to read, and can create an art project out of anything that you give her. She enjoyed studying the New Testament, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome this year in History. In Bible she learned about the time of the Judges up through Kings. In home economics, Kamryn has learned to make an incredible gluten-free pancake. Her creativity is always interesting as sometimes they have cocoa and sometimes sprinkles, and sometimes she just experiments with the recipe. I, as her teacher, am so glad that I will get to have her again in
4th grade.
Favorite Subject: Spelling
Favorite Book you/or we read: All of them (really, she loves to read and it is too hard to narrow)
Hardest thing to do in math: Percentages
Favorite Bible Story: The one where Jesus heals the little girl
Most hated character in History: Nero (He persecuted Christians)
Favorite after-school activity at LICS: Recorder
What you are most looking forward to about next school year: Doing more science

Bradyn Ashley Allen has graduated from the 1st grade. Bradyn is also a "joy to have in class" and loves to learn new things. She especially loves her math...(not really, but she is good at it). Bradyn excels in spelling and reading, and is the best at getting her work done fast so that she can go play with Julia. In home economics Bradyn would make Martha Stewart proud. She is an excellent organizer and sorter. She can make any messy bookshelf look GREAT!! Next year she will be in a Kindgerarten/2nd/4th grade split class with her sisters. And, yes, you guessed correctly, it is my privilege to teach this split class.
Favorite Subject: Handwriting
Hardest thing to do in Math: Multiplication
Coolest spelling word you learned: D-E-L-A-Y
Favorite Bible Verse: Do to others as you would want them to do to you.
Favorite book we read: Ballet Shoes
Favorite After School Activity at LICS: Arts and Crafts
What you are most looking forward to about next year: Cursive Handwriting

Julia Carol Allen has graduated from our very unstructured pre-school program. She ran this program herself and did an AMAZING job. Julia is a highly skilled puzzle doer, excellent painter and colorer, and she has a highly creative brain that enjoys playing with Playmobil, Little People, and ponies. It is always a joy to hear Julia singing (she composes her own music and lyrics) as she plays in the room next to us as we work. (She has provided many laughs!) Julia is a great kitchen-helper. She has a special place on the counter and if there is cooking going on, you can be sure to find her there. She has mastered the art of egg-cracking and is quite adept at making ice-cubes. She looks forward to being tall enough to do the dishes with her sisters. (This is true!) She looks forward to learning to read and write next year, and especially to having her oldest sister teach her Math.
Favorite thing to play during school: PlayMobile
Favorite Art project: Play-doh
Favorite outdoor activity: Bradyn
Favorite puzzle: Winnie the Pooh
Favorite thing to help with in the kitchen: Helping bake cookies
What you are most looking forward to about next year: Painting

Steve and I celebrate these three graduates and our hearts are bursting with love and admiration of them in all of their uniqueness. They have made an amazing transition into Zambia and have truly "fully-experienced" life here with enthusiasm and joy. We are very proud of them!

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

Wow, Allen ladies! I absolutely love your report cards... and your haircuts!

You have had a WONDERFUL year - we are really amazed to have been able to watch it, with you, through your blog. You gals are an inspiration to the rest of us mortals. :0)

Can't wait to see you...

Julie and family