Saturday, May 24, 2008

Firsts and lasts...

We are doing a lot of lasts these days, saying goodbyes and finishing up our committments...

We took our workers out for their first time at Kilimanjaro's Cafe. We all ate burgers and drank coke and got an ice cream afterwards. It was a special time for all of us as we learned a lot about their lives, about Zambian culture and what they think of our kids:) They have basically had front row seats into our lives the past 9 months and it hasn't always been pretty. When I asked them who was the biggest troublemaker, they in unison all said (well, I can't tell you in case she reads it, but it starts with the second letter of the alphabet and rhymes with aiden:) They all said that she is a big sweetheart as well, but she definitely is not a stranger at finding trouble! We laughed and shared good memories. It was just a great time together. Lungu ( the first one on the left) is getting married on Monday in a village. We learned a lot about how marriage works here, and we are not quite sure all of the details, but we do know that the groom is supposed to buy a pig and goat for the feast. So, for our wedding present, we bought the pig for a measly 70,000 kwacha! A great story and it made his day!

Today I gave my first final exam on my last day of my Bible Study Methods class. It was a good experience, and I really learned to appreciate what my professors over the years have done for me.

We said goodbye to the orphans at New Horizon that we have been working with. They have been a blessing to us and we are so appreciative of their willingness to love on us.

I said goodbye to the Mwale family. Though I will see Mark again briefly on Thursday, it was great to take a picture of their many kids. It was the first I think of their family (minus the three older brothers). Pastor Mwale has eight of their own kids and they have adopted six more orphans who needed a place to live... He lives what he preaches.

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