Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Happy Ending...

I got a call this morning at 6:30 am...

"Congratulations, we have a baby!" Daka, our worker, said to me on the phone.

I asked if it was a boy or girl and he said, "Baby Boy!"

I asked about the name, and he didn't tell me. We found out later that they didn't have a name, yet.

The baby Daka was born at 23:40 (or 11:40 p.m.) in the dark by the light of eight candles that were purchased. Crazy.

We went to go see the baby at the hospital at 10 am just 10 hours after having the baby. We pictured us walking into the hospital room to see the baby. But, Daka stopped us outside the hospital and then said they were discharging her and we were going to give them a ride home:)

Sure enough, just 10 hours after having the baby, Daka's wife walks out, and Daka was holding the baby with a big smile on his face... Daka's wife wasn't so smiley.

We drove them home and took some pictures. It is cultural to keep the baby bundled up in many blankets, so the face picture was a good as we could get.

I also took a picture of what was happening behind the scenes, the hordes of kids that were gathering around watching us take pictures of the baby. It is not very often that Mzungu blond girls are walking in the heart of the compound:)

Lastly, as we were saying goodbye, Daka pulled me aside and asked if he could borrow 50,000 kwacha for mealie (the corn staple food). He said, "I used my 50 that I would by mealie to pay for the hospital visit." I am not sure if 50,000 kwacha (or $13) is all it cost to have a baby, but I wouldn't be surprised.

A fun cultural experience complete with a happy ending!


Anonymous said...

Give Daka and his wife a hearty congratulations for us! Bless her for birthing in the dark with candles and leaving the hospital 10 hours later!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Yeaaaaa! Thanks for letting us know what happened. You can tell Daka that people in America prayed for his wife, and baby's birth.

$13... good grief!


Unknown said...

Beautiful baby!