Saturday, May 24, 2008

Making Progress??

Last night Steve and I were "musing" a bit. The cause of our "musing" was that as I was preparing dinner, the power went out. I was making Thai green chicken curry. I had just started the rice and was starting the sauce when the power went off. After gathering my candles and lighting them so that I could see what I was doing, I asked Steve to go ask Lungu to start up the brazier (pronounced bray-zer, yes I have made the mistake of pronouncing it brah-zeer). I then continued with my preparations chopping my broccoli and cutting up my meat by candlelight. Soon, the coals were hot and I was able to finish my sauce and rice over the hot charcoal. As we were sitting on the porch cooking we got to talking. I said that I thought I was making progress because it didn't even phase me when the power went out. (We have really come to enjoy our candlelit dinners.) When we first started having our regular power outages it would really throw me for a loop when it would go out at dinner time. You see, we can't just have a PB&J sandwich with our gluten allergies. So, that means either cook over the brazier or have cornflakes....which we have also done quite a bit. Steve said, "I think coming to Africa is like our training for the marathon. You build up your endurance over time." I definitely agree with this statement. As I look back on the past 9 months, the first few months were definitely the hardest as far as adjusting and getting used to the differences in life here. Over time, the things that used to stress me out, just don't anymore. Praise the Lord! But, as we get ready to head back to the comfortable USA we are also wondering if it will be like taking time off in our marathon training. Meaning, if you take time off, you have to start all over again. The training that you did, that you worked so hard on, you have to do all over again.....we are praying that we won't lose too much of our progress over the next few months we have in the states.

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