Thursday, May 01, 2008

According to plan...

Today I went to the church conference. Now, I understand the Zambian time difference, but this was a bit over the top. I got there at 9:00 am and the conference finally started at 11:00am. I just sat on the couch, somewhat talking a with a few pastors and reading some and watching some cheesy Zambian TV. But, it was redeemed! Not that talking with pastors is unredeemable, but everyone felt a bit awkward as the time just get going on and on. But that time was made worth it, at least in my time-oriented eyes by a young man, a secretary at the church, but also an aspiring pastor. Out of the blue he asked me how do you become a pastor or how do you know if you should be a pastor... This was like minutes before 11am... I went through a bunch of verses. We had a great time of connecting, and it made my day. The talk went well. As the picture shows, it was just a small group, but it fit the context of what I was saying, and it was good to be there.

In the afternoon, I met with my pastor's group! A good time was had by all as we are winding down and covering lots of different stuff. One of the pastors, Peter Zulu(Peter is the one in the middle with the white shirt!) went last week to the village to teach, get this, Inductive Bible Study. Yes, he taught at a conference for 80 pastors how to do inductive study. It was really cool to see a pastor not only understanding what he is learning from me, but then able to pass it on to other pastors. Isn't that great? What an encouragement. Next week, I have a conference in Kalikliki and I am going to let him and his brother do the whole thing while I smile and thank God for the gift of cool pastors like these guys to work with.

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