Saturday, June 28, 2008


I am heading back to Crossroads tomorrow to teach in a couple Sunday school classes and be introduced at church. I am looking forward to seeing old and new friends and to be a part of the church body again. It has been awhile since I was last youth pastor there and yet the fellowship and friendships get sweeter over the years.

One example of this is the wedding that I am officiating between Whitney Berkan and Colin Swope on July 25 (my girls are the flower girls:). Whitney was in my youth group at Crossroads from sixth grade until her senior year, and then joined me at Western for a couple of years in our college group there. And, it is not only such a joy to be doing this wedding because there is so much great history and Colin is a stud, but it also amazingly wonderful because they did it right. They made good and hard choices along the way, guarding their heart and their purity and made good and honoring decisions seeking to glorify God with their lives, so that when it comes time to officiate their wedding, it is such a joy to be a part of... (I mean they met at Bible School of all places!)

Over the years, you wonder if your ministry helped anyone at all just like I am sure parents wonder if they are getting through and if any good will come out of all their sin and failures.But when you get to see that through grace when kids listen to Bible teaching and they follow God and they do it right that it really is such a blessing to everyone involved. May our students these days really believe in God and follow Him and trust Him and so they can reap the benefits of holiness and the brilliance of God's book. Praise God that he loves us enough to give a book that really is the way to life and praise God that he gives grace so we can obey it and praise God when people do. Thanks Whitney and Colin for encouraging me and may the next chapter of your lives bring joy and thanks to many, many more people because of the grace that will sustain your marriage.

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If you are like me you get auto updated when you get comments. while My blog is in a morgue right now (too much work) know that you affected me! Let my thanks feed your soul while you wait for the reward you deserve in heaven.

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