Sunday, June 01, 2008

Home, Sw(EAT), Home!

Well, the wonders of travel has catapulted us from Zambia to London to the United States and we are shaking our head in surrealness (is that a word?). A huge thank you to all who prayed as it was sooooooo smooth, I can't even tell you. The girls did amazing, they were healthy and though we feel a bit woozy and out of sorts, we are glad to be back. I still can't believe just "yesterday" we were hugging our workers and Zambian friends goodbye and now we are hugging our parents and friends hello.

Thanks for your prayers and for those who are in Bellevue area, we look forward to seeing you this Saturday at Crossroads!

As for pictures, our first eating adventure was guacamole salsa with corn tortilla chips.. Ohh, amazing...

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