Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An update

Well, we are home. It feels great to say that, which is nothing against a wonderful week at Whidbey Island, a great week with our friends the Collin's and fun and great eats with the grandparents and great-grandparents, but there is something about finally being home, together as a family, which is really nice.

For those of you who don't know, we are living in Bellingham during our furlough at a camp. The only house they had available just happened to be right on the water and so we are really roughing it... The picture is from our house. (We love watching the camping happenin' every day... Really fun!) Before you start to judge me, you need to know, the interesting part is that when we were feeling led to Africa, I prayed to go someplace near water. I mean, don't diss my prayer, there are at least 20 countries on water. I grew up on the water. I love water. It is just in my blood. So, God sends us to Zambia which is landlocked by 8 countries. Because life is not about this earth, and we live for eternity, we made the most of God's sense of humor. But, we surely don't mind these few months of water living, which makes hosting and getting together with friends and supporters, especially sweet!

Stephanie is doing well, pregnancy and all. We are about 8 weeks away which is really cool. I can't wait to hold our little girl. Sleeping is a challenge for her, and I think it may

We have felt an overwhelming waterfall of God's blessing lately, which has included people lending two cars, 2 cell phones, a cool house, and then some really thoughtful welcome home gifts. But, the cherry on top of the ice cream of blessings came two days ago, when we found someone to lease our house for two more years. I happened to look at Craig'slist for a renter (our renter wanted out of the lease early) and found someone who wanted a house on the day we wanted a renter. We met this family and wow, they loved it and we loved them. So, that was HUGE and settles us big time.

Regarding this last week, we had a wonderful vacation on Whidbey Island. Relaxing, processing full, and peaceful. We missed the kids a ton, though, and we enjoyed an early 9th birthday celebration with grandparents and cousins. I can’t believe my first born is 9 years old... (Her actual birthday is today!!!)

While we were at Whidbey, we met up with a friend Josh who came to Zambia on a mission trip this past January. We brought back a bunch of handmade bags. These bags are made from the recycled plastic bags from the grocery stores. Josh and his family sells them at their Forget Me Not Farm! It just another cool way how we here can support African widows there who make these amazing bags. When Stephanie paid them for these bags their, they did a sweet dance for Stephanie out of the joy of selling their bags. It was really cool!

Well, that is pretty much the update. As far as Action details go, I have an important meeting on Friday regarding working on Pastor Leader Development stuff and then on Sunday, I am sharing at two classes on Sunday at Crossroads. The following week I will speaking at a middle school youth group.

I am realizing how much I am learning and thinking these about being here in the states, and I've got to be honest that the blogging is probably not going to lessen... I've got too much in mind and it has to find a place to be processed or I'll go crazy... So check back often if you dare:)

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Kristi Knifong said...

My oh my oh my...what a hard hitting, knife twisting straight to the heart, awesome, inspiring, truthful message!
All of the questions you asked were the same ones we have been asking ourselves...lots to think and pray about. What a great summary of what you've experienced in Africa.

Still waiting to hear when you'd like to come down for a visit...
lots of love,
Kristi & Jason