Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Baby Update...

We just wanted to give you a baby update... It has been kind of a crazy couple of weeks and after a series of tests last Monday, we are indeed glad to be home as the things we have found out would probably not have been discovered in Zambia. Due to previous history with Julia the perintologist's (Doctor who specializes on the baby before they are born) Stephanie is seeing does not want her to stay in utero past 37 weeks which puts our C-section during the 1st week of August. I'm currently on a diabetic diet and monitoring my blood sugar 5 times a day. There are also possible signs that the baby may have fetal anemia which I guess means she could be losing blood somehow. They will monitor again next Monday at my appt. with an ultrasound to check that. If that is the case, she could be coming even earlier that 37 weeks...we'll see. She is already 6 lbs. and I'm only 33 weeks today. That's a big baby!!! Good thing I will have a C-section!!
And, she has HAIR!!! My babies have always been bald. And, long legs...surprise, surprise!!

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