Saturday, July 05, 2008

Shoes, blogs, money and known realities

We have been asked countless times how it is being back. I use the same word pretty much every time: surreal. It is interesting how living missionarily has a way of shaping you in ways you don't expect. And I am finding that it is conflicting to live here now that I have lived there. It affects how you spend your money and your time and your days. And, it is hard to live here the same when there still exists the same. Though time has a way of dulling a bit of the experiences and emotions and feelings especially when it is only 3 weeks or a month, it is hard to stuff away nine months of experiences. As I have said once, I will say again, that I feel like in some ways, I have been born again by my experiences. I just am shocked at how easily I spend my money as part of the culture. I have been challenged to think literally about this idea of loving my neighbor as myself. If I spend $25 dollars on a dinner, shouldn't I give $25 dollars a way so someone else can have a dinner, too? What if everything we spent on our money on, we gave the same amount a way as well. What if we just even did that on the wants of our lives instead of the needs? Would that curb our spending? Would it make us more generous? Would we catch the true joy that comes when we give instead of just receive? What does it mean to live like the third world exists? What does it really mean to bear the burdens of those who we would want bore if they were us? How do we live like Heaven is real? Welcome to my world. Really, welcome, for those who want to continually allow your comfort zone to be continually reduced under the fire of injustice, inequality, suffering and reality.

I say welcome because I confess, I have done it again. I have started another blog. Well, sort of. I mean it is a blog, but I am not really writing. Just copying and pasting articles of suffering that is existing in the world and maybe a few thoughts here and there with how we should think about it... If we want to bear the burdens, we need to know them. And, whereas they all may not be causes for which you will act and give money, perhaps one will... If nothing else, will you allow your heart to be broken for the things that breaks God's heart...? Check it out and send me your articles as well... Let's learn to live like the third world and our neighbors really exist.

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