Monday, July 28, 2008

Together we burn...

1 Thes. 5:19 (NIV) Do not put out the Spirit's fire;

Tonight I began my hosting duties at the Firs Conference center... As part of staying in the house for reduced rent, I will be doing some evening hosting of groups. I had some time to sit by the fire after the camp students had gone to bed, and in this particular outside fireplace, we are not allowed to pour water into it. So, I spread out the fire that was roaring, and slowly, slowly the wood began to stop burning. The embers grew darker and the wood slowed to a burn... It was something I had always known, but watching it really hit home the importance of fellowship and church and accountability to a Christian who longs to burn with passion. We need each other, for better and for worse, to set ablaze the love of Christ in our hearts. With the technology age making sermons easily attainable and Itunes giving us all the worship music we need, it is easier than ever to just have church at home. In addition, it is easy to just go to church and watch like a movie or a play, and leave without ever setting ablaze other Christians or allowing your heart to be set on fire. Summer is such an easy time to skip out on church and never notice a difference...

Is going to church enough to know fire ablazing in our hearts? Are you on fire? Is the Spirit aflame in your heart? Are you in fellowship, deep fellowship with people who know you and can challenge you and who together you love Jesus more and more? May we kindle afresh the fire of the Spirit so we may be warmth and a warning and a light to the nations... May we never forget that the love and joy of Jesus is greater than anything this world can offer.


Anonymous said...

Scroll down the 2nd song, "We Need Each Other".

Goooood stuff. =]

Oh! And hey, I'm quite excited to work alongside you next week at Safari (provided I can get Wednesday off, haha). See you soon!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Steve and Stephanie,

I love reading your blog... the adventures of your family, and your thoughts and encouragement.

In fact, you inspired me to start one for our family :0)

Right now we're asking for prayer for our niece - things are pretty critical.

Check our blog for more info,