Monday, July 14, 2008

An update of our baby of a day...

We survived a long day down to Bellingham and back with good news in store... The baby is active and is "normal" in heartbeat and activity. We are very pleased. It looks like we will be delivering on August 7, 2008 if all goes well. We were tempted to do see if we could do a 08/08/08 birthday, but I think 08/07/08 will be more than cool! We found out a few minor medical conditions that Stephanie has that would have gone unnoticed which require a lot of medical jargon to understand. I'll post an email Stephanie sent out to a friend to help explain it:

Last week when I was there they took 6 vials of blood to run a thrombosis panel (I passed out when she was done). He felt it was necessary based on the possible fetal maternal hemmorage with Julia and the fact that my dad had had a DVT. Anyway, turns out my protein S numbers are low (but these can be skewed during preg., so he will test again 12 weeks. after delivery.) Also, I am homozygous. The way I understand that is that I have two genes which predispose me to blood clots.....and also can lead to neuro tube defects and congenital heart issues. He said it's nothing to stress out about, just want me to be taking a baby aspirin a day, and will give me a shot of heparin after delivery. He also said I need to be on folic acid for the rest of my life. His terms were all very medical and that's really the best I can understand."

It is a blessing to be home to be able to have the doctor care to help us forsee these events which could have led to further issues... Thanks for your prayers and support!

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