Sunday, November 02, 2008

A trip to Portland

We were in Portland this weekend visiting friends and family that support us in Africa... We saw Stephanie's Aunt and Uncle on Friday night and then spent a couple nights at the Knifongs. We went to Mt Hood Community Church church this morning with them. We saw the Schwartz family at church as well... John and I were roommates in college. He just had his sixth kid. The Knifongs have five. We only have four:)

We had a chance to share about Africa during their weekly shared meal after the service, showing a video as well as answering questions. As for the picture above, Stephanie and the girls sang Takwaba (their favorite African worship song) and the other picture is a game that our kids were playing with the Knifong kids appropiately called "10 days in Africa." We arrived home at around 7:30 pm and the kids were begging to go to bed. I like that when that happens:)

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Anonymous said...

We wanted to meet your family! Will you come back this way soon? We are friends of the Knifongs and go to HOFCC Gresham.
Cobe, Scarlett and our 7 children