Monday, December 22, 2008

21 days in counting...

We just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I sit here with my wife on this snowy and quiet evening contemplating and thinking through the next 21 days... It is beyond surreal that we are going to be leaving for Zambia in just three short weeks... We thank you for remembering us during these remaining days. Our time home has been both a blessing for all the opportunity to minister and be ministered to, but it also has been confirming, assuring us with confidence that our time in Zambia is not yet over and we are excited to get back. We wanted to communicate our schedule again and especially let you know of one change* to the schedule that will/may affect our Bellevue friends...

Here is the formal schedule (weather pending):

December 24 - Attending Crossroads Bible Church Christmas Eve service

December 28 - Preaching at Northlake in the morning
* Steve's preaching at the Downtown Church has been moved to January 4 because of the weather (see below)

January 4 - Preaching at Northlake in the morning
- Preaching at Downtown Church (the Church plant of Crossroads Bible Church) in the evening and Johanna will be dedicated at this service.

January 11 - Attending Crossroads Bible Church
- Leaving at 6:10pm for Zambia.


Anonymous said...

Oh good! I was going to be going up to Bellingham to help with worship this Sunday, but because of weather it looks like that won't be happening...But it seems as if I'll be able to say goodbye on the 11th. =]

Merry Christmas!!!

the cousins said...

Steve. It is good catching up on you and your family's life. What a sweet family you have. God is good. It is so awesome to see how God is using you and the family. I will follow your blog, as you return to Africa. Congratulation on your newest daughter, Your girls are beautiful. Trust you remember me, Peggy Staples "Mark's" mom May God bless you and yours