Monday, January 26, 2009

I wouldn't be surprised...

I wouldn't be surprised if one of my daughter's become an insectologist. We have a natural habitat here in our house to study all the different kinds of insects. For example, termites. We have this wonderful little stool which has provided ample opportunity to watch how termites like to eat the wood stool and leave little dust particles just to let you know that they are there.

And the mosquitos... Wow. I just don't think they can ask for a better location to study how they fly around and buzz around your face and create a haven in your car if you leave the windows open and get inside your mosquito net so you (or they) can hear them buzzing around.

And, what we really enjoy is how amazing the little kitchen ants are. Well, kitchen ants are a bit of an underexageration. Oh, they are in the kitchen and just about everywhere else. For example, we make dinner, we go eat dinner and we come back to a bazillion ants eating dinner on our dishes that made the dinner. A crumb hits the ground and literally in minutes, maybe 10, the crumb is covered with ants. So, Kamryn decides to experiment, and the video below is an ant pulling this huge cornflake, probably 8 minutes after she put it on the desk to see how long it would take the ant to get it...(The video is a bit blurry but you will get the idea:) There are so many ants, and they are so strong and they work together and you wonder what would happen if you pulled apart the siding, because this queen is one busy mama. The ants don't just get food. I came out one morning to find a (Warning: Rated G for gross) a cockroach, upside down and dead with a bunch of ants eating it:( And then, a big moth became a feeding ground for these ants. I guess the bright side is they are mostly rainy season crazy and they don't bite... So, there you have it... A little look inside the life of missionaries:) We love our house and we have it easy compared ot the other missionaries in the villages that have scorpions and big hairy spiders and other stuff... Just a reminder to hug that fly or cranefly every once in a while and appreciate what you have (and don't have:)

Just as an example of how the ants have become a part of our family. This morning I was upset with Julia because I figured that she and Bradyn had been chipping off paint on the side of the house and the patio was full of dirt and debris. She said that she didn't do it and that it was probably the ants:)

Tonight Stephanie asked the question of our family during dinner, "How many ants do you think we have eaten since we have been here?"

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hey! Homeschool Entomology 101 :0)

Love the video clip.