Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Afternoon at the Movies

It has been a bit of different week last week because of holidays. On March 9 it was International Women's Day so we had no class. And then on March 12 it was Youth Day. So, we decided to just break from the normal mode of teaching and watch a video together, the Gospel of John. Have you seen it? There have been some biblical movies that have been, well, let's just say, not very good. But, this was great. Really great. It brought the Bible alive, it gave insights into culture and was well, it was a bit emotional as well. I was really moved by many parts of the movie and it helped interpret some of the stories of the book of John that I hadn't really thought of before. Tracey's wife made some great popcorn, and we busted out the softies (sodas!) and it was a great afternoon of watching the movie and then some great discussion afterwards. I think we all walked away encouraged and enlighted... We hit the books this week as we working our way through Ephesians 5!

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