Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pizza Party! Pizza Party!

Last week we hosted a party for our workers and their families on "Buy One Get One Free Pizza Tuesday" at the Pizza Inn!!!! It was a good time but too short. We'll have to do it again on Sunday so we can spend more time with them. We ate pizza, jumped on the trampoline and watched the fellas play football. Sometimes we get questions about having workers here in Zambia.

Well, first we so appreciate the workers. They are like family to us. They know everything about us... everything. And it is so good (and hard) because you have to filter life through their eyes and it makes you reassess everything that you once thought was normal.

Second, they help us understand culture, they teach us language and help us learn about Zambia. They have our backs in so many ways.

Third, it is custom to have workers and though we could survive without them (maybe:), they really do free us up to do ministry and stay somewhat sane. It is crazy to think that we (you) support their families fully. We have two full time workers, Mirriam Zimba, widow with two young kids and Lewis Mwape who is married and has four kids and two nieces they care for. We also are supporting John Daka until June. He was one of our workers last year, and we are keeping him until he finishes school to be a builder. They all love the Lord and faithfully attend church. I have a longer blog that I want to write about Mwape sometime... It is written in my mind, but just needs to make it to the blog. Thank you for your support so we can support them...

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

Steve and Stephanie,

I like to read... all kinds of things. Some African fiction gave me a fresh perspective on viewing wealth and "house help".

Yeah, I know, it was fiction, but culturally accurate...

Not only are you opening up ministry opportunities AND just plain being practical, (two good reasons all ready!), you're also fitting in, culturally.

The idea I got was opposite to what I might have expected.

By hiring people like Miriam and Mwape, you are helping them financially by giving them work. Rather than being viewed as aloof rich Americans, you are entering into the culture.

Now, if you didn't hire people, you might very well be viewed as selfish... hoarding all that (presumed) wealth for yourselves.