Thursday, March 19, 2009

UPDATE - Our Guards

Well, I just wanted to thank you for comments and prayers. Just wanted to update you on how things turned out. Mwape found a new place to live and seems to be doing better. His new place is a bit smaller (not sure how it could smaller than what he had before) but he is being thankful and he is amazing me with his attitude.

Miriam's brother was miraculously healed and brought to sanity and lucity long enough to have conversation and learn how far gone he really was. He was brought really low through the whole thing and he has been thoroughly humbled. He has had a very difficult past and yet this last chance as it were proved to really humble him. Miriam asked me if I would go speak with him about God. I said I would but then later thought that is might be better to have one of my pastors go. So I called Pastor Peter Zulu and he went the next day to meet with him. Her brother repented of his sins and committed to follow the Lord. He is going to be meeting with Peter every Friday and go to his church. This is such a big miracle that Miriam still can't believe actually happened... "If you could only know him before..."

So, thanks for joining us in the prayers and it is amazing how God uses all these different connections here in Zambia to bring life eternal to a lost sinner. Speaking of saving the lost, if you want to hear a short amazing sermon, you have to listen to my buddy Jayson Turner's last sermon at Crossroads Bible Church as they leave to go and plant a new church in Downtown Bellevue. Poignant, powerful and precise... You can find that sermon HERE!

Well, thanks again for joining us here in Zambia... We sure need you!

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