Monday, March 23, 2009

A visit to another world

I spent Sunday morning at a church in the Garden Compound on Sunday. One of the pastors I work with is Pastor Peter Zulu. If you have read this blog for any time, you will recognize this name. Pastor Zulu is a good friend and I got to know he and wife pretty well last year. I am so thankful our relationship has continued in the Action Bible Institute. Our goal is each month to go to one of the churches of our students and observe and participate with them in worship. We don't preach, but rather just come to be a part of the church. It is difficult to just blend in when you are the only Mzungu, but, you know, you make do. It was really great being there, and I did bring a video camera to help document my journey into this other world. It seemed so weird to me today that something that is so other-worldly is so normal to them.

I mean, I wish I could have videotaped my 10 minute walk through the compound to get to his church. I would have videotaped had I not been watched by most of the Zambians the whole walk down the muddy, garbage lined streets. How do I communicate this other world? It is like nothing you have ever seen. Mud streets, street markets and garbage every where. Zambians dressed up heading to church in their Sunday bests and others selling tomatoes, fixing shoes or cutting hair. I even went by one makeshift movie theater. I didn't go by one kid who didn't stare at me and say Mzungu. But, I noticed the adults didn't really give me the time of day, unless, they wanted to shake my head and ask for money. I was the only white person I saw all morning.

But, I loved it. It was raw and real and beautiful. I was rejuvenated and encouraged and grateful.

So, here was my visit to Pillar of Truth Church...

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