Friday, April 10, 2009

A milestone of sorts for us

Well, April 11 is a milestone of sorts. It sort of marks the day when we completed our first year in Zambia. We have been in Zambia three months now, and we were just about here for nine months the first time. Close enough:)

It feels a bit like cramming 6 years into 4 years of college:) But, God has proved over and over that though we plan, he directs our steps and we are so thankful for that. There is more to share there but we have it all on our up and outcoming newsletter, so we 'll save that for ya'll to read (we have to save something to keep you reading our newsletters, right?) It has been an amazing year for sure, and each day continues to keep up on our toes in gratitude and awe and brokenheartedness.

Last night, I spent Good Friday evening in the middle of a poor compound showing the Passion of Christ to about 200-300 Zambians. It was simply amazing. We partnered with one of our pastors from our Bible School, Bruce Kaumba. From a speaker blowing up to an incredible makeshift electrical working, to people clapping at the resurrection morning to just the rawness of where we watched it and who we were with. I think Jesus would have been there had he been alive today. He was the friend of the poor. Amazing.

This week, we attended our first funeral. It was Mirriam's nephew who was 19 months old. I felt such anger knowing that it was all too preventable and I felt this rise in my heart to do what I can to prevent such senseless deaths. It was a very emotional experience for both Stephanie and I. Please be praying for the Zimba family.

Thank you for your prayers in the good and the hard here in Zambia.

(if you are wondering where the video which we had previously posted, we decided after the fact to not post it... Just a little to personal and private. I am sure you understand.)

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