Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Our Zambian family needs your prayers

I don't know what it is but our Zambia family has been suffering quite a bit lately. From the last blog a bit ago, where Mwape's field got cut down and Mirriam's brother was really sick, Daka just recovered from a real bad sickness of Malaria and then this morning we found out that Mirriam's brother Robson, the same one who was sick, had a 17 month son who died last night. He had been sick but the diagnosis is diarrhea. Brutal, huh? Tomorrow we are going to the grave site to attend the burial. I saw Robson today and I prayed with him. What do you say? They couldn't have a memorial service for him because he wasn't baptized as a child. That blew me away. Heartbreaking. Thanks for remembering us over here as we try to encourage and support during this difficult time.

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