Thursday, April 16, 2009

Term Review

The Ephesian class ended last week. It was a great quarter. I did a term review with five questions to learn what they learned as well as to see how I could improve.

Here were the five questions:

1. In a short paragraph, describe Paul’s purpose in writing the book of Ephesians. Why did he write this letter? How was he trying to help the church in Ephesus and Asia Minor?

2. What are three key words that Paul focuses on in the book of Ephesians and why does he uses these words?

3. What passage of scripture from the book of Ephesians was most impactful and encouraging/convicting to you and why?

4. Share three things you learned in the book of Ephesians that you didn’t know before.

5. What comments/suggestions/encouragements would/could you give to the instructor about studying a book of the Bible during ABI and how could we do it better?

It was great to see that without notes, they were able to explain the purpose of the book, discuss key words used in the book of Ephesians and also share what they learned personally.

As far as what the students learned that they didn't know before, I was encouraged. Some of them shared about what it means to love their wives. Others talked about how they learned they were chosen before the creation of the world. A few shared about learning through the word studies and how Paul uses key words to teach themes.

As a teacher, I was encouraged by the students that we should continue to teach books of the Bible. It is cultural in Zambia to learn topically and not allow the book of the Bibles to teach... It was cool to see how they were encouraged and really were inspired to teach expositionally. One pastor started preaching through Ephesians last month and another plans to start next month. I was encouraged to not hurry during challenging passages. I was also asked to prepare notes. One pastor wrote, "Steve, you are a good teacher. I am very encouraged throughout the lessons. Please keep it up. Don't be discouraged, sometimes we get up to class we are already tired with our personal business. God bless you." One pastor also encouraged me to use group projects to encourage unity in the class..

So, it has been a great quarter and the next quarter begins next month. I have learned so much and I am so thankful for the opportunity. Before then, though, we have a Pastors conference next week. Pete Williamson, a friend from Bellingham, arrived to day and will be teaching at the conference. So far we have 300+ signed up!!! Please be praying for us!

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