Wednesday, April 01, 2009

We are moving.

Well, actually we moved. From the office and teaching room we were in to an available next door room which gave us a bigger office, pastor resource library, our own bathrooms (a huge plus:) and an amazing teaching room. The room we were in before was a huge improvement from our first office (huge doesn't do it justice), but truth be told, it was loud, noisy and a continue walking thoroughfare.

But, this one is at the end of the hallway, it is an old radio room so the sound dynamics are amazing, it has air conditioning and it is a lot bigger. We can lock it down so we can mount the projector and I can use it regularly. So, today during our class, we decided to dedicate this new office to the Lord, and we as pastors and teachers spent some time praying, about 45 minutes or more, just thanking God for the room. Listening to the pastors pray was a bit like walking on holy ground. It was a really special moment for me listening to them cry out to God for their country and for their communities. And then to hear them pray for Tracy and I, expressing their gratitude and praying for our families... I was really moved. So, we just wanted to share a few pictures with you about this move. And, if you are so moved to sponsor a pastor for the rest of the year at $55 dollars a month, we (and they) would love it... We need nine more sponsors for our Action Bible Institute.

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