Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank you for sleep.

I sure love my bed lately. I can't wait to get there even as I type.

We have had a busy weekend. It's not always this busy, but this weekend was a busy one.

Friday, I taught my Pastors class. We had a great time. I feel I have had breakthrough in teaching these pastors. I am learning so much on how to reach them and connect and help them grow together in understanding the Bible. More on this in a later blog... But, please keep praying for me. That night we had pizza with some dear friends down the street. They have three girls and He is a doctor working with HIV/AIDS here in Zambia. We enjoyed some great conversation about life and marriage and family.

Saturday morning was family time with pancakes and some fun conversation around the table, and then preparing for worship on Sunday (more on that later.) Then, the same doctor un-ingrowned my infected toe. I am feeling much better now. That night we went out to dinner with a couple who adopted a little Zambia boy this past few months. He stayed and played with my kids who were watched by our housekeeper Miriam and she brought along her two kids. They had a party!!! 4 Allen girls and 3 Zambians!!! This couple that we went out with are from Canada and despite that fact, they are really cool :) We talked about orphans and orphages and life... It was a great time.

Sunday morning was church and then we had lunch with some missionaries from our team and some others from a street kid ministry and they told us all about the ministry of reaching out to these kids who are down and out. They have a farm set up to teach and reach these kids and they also go down to the scary places and meet with these kids. Amazing stuff. And then Sunday night, the Allen Family Singers led worship for the Baptist Mission Bible study. It was sweet. No pictures, though, which totally bums me out. No video either of little Julia, Bradyn and Kamryn singing the song by themselves, "Worthy is the Lamb."

Monday morning, a holiday here in Zambia, Stephanie and I took our Canadian friends up to an orphanage called Rafiki. It was about 1 hour out of town in the bush and it was amazing. They do an amazing job there discipling, teaching and mentoring these 40 young boys and girls. It was a very encouraging morning walking around with the directors and hearing the thought and philosophy and partnership with Zambia that has happened to make this place a reality. Amazing. Then we came back and I picked up my girls from their friends houses, go groceries, and then took Bradyn and went to the orphanage that we work with. We spend some great time singing, playing and laughing.... We came home and had dinner with the doctor friends and two other families.

Needless to say, we are pretty tired. But, I just wanted to give you a little glimpse into our lives here in Zambia. Another week begins early tomorrow with prayer and a meeting with my pastoral leadership team...

Thanks for remembering us!

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