Wednesday, May 13, 2009

(No) Mother's Day

We spent our Mother's Day with those who have no mothers. We took the children from the orphange we are helping out with and the director and the directors family to the Kalimba Reptile Farm where we saw some of the nastiest snakes and most amazing crocodiles. But, the highlight obviously wasn't seeing the animals but spending time with the orphans, watching them walk around and gaze at the animals and jump on the trampoline and wade in the pool. None of them had ever been to a zoo before. The other car was an hour late, so I also videoed some of the fun we had while waiting. I put together a little highlight video for you to see. It was a great day and we went home joyous and satisfied.


Pete Williamson said...

great video, Steve...miss you guys and Zambia a bunch. next time we're over I'm going to have to go to Kalimba.

Dana said...

your girls are definitely going to learn some sweet dance moves and they are crazy brave snake-holders too =) what a beautiful day you guys had. praying for you!