Wednesday, June 10, 2009

African bees

I have a friend who keeps bees as a hobby. I think they do it to get honey and well, they love it. But, I prefer my honey without the sting. Well, actually, I don't even like honey, so my life without bees is fine and dandy. Well, the other day, I asked my daughter Kamryn to go get something near the tree. She came back yelling, there is a bee hive over there. Now, over there is their favorite climbing tree. Some people pity me when I tell them I have four daughters. Well, if they pity me they don't know my daughters. My girls are awesome. They dress up and snuggle and dance like like the beautiful girls that they are. But, they also climb trees, capture frogs and play with mud that would make the most manly of boy feel proud.

And so in this tree, they have outfitted it nicely with books and a stool to read and purses and everything else you might need. So, saying all this, I thought I would include a little video of these bees. They came and they went, leaving nothing at all but video that they were there. Really weird, a bit freaky and amazingly cool all in one. Enjoy!

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SchwartzCats said...

Very cool, Steve! I've hived five swarms like that this year. Lots of fun. God created an amazing creature in the honeybee.