Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome back to the Whifields...

Our friends and teammates, the Whitfield's have arrived back from their furlough... We are so glad to have them back. What is even better is that they are moving just down the street. I just wanted to post their first blog after they arrived. It's a bit of doozy and good reminder to keep praying.

Dear Friends and Family

Wanted to touch base and give you a brief look at how our first week back in Zambia has been. We have felt so blessed to have such a wonderful team and many Zambian friends who have made our adjustment a bit more endurable. Life here in Lusaka has been just as we left it some months ago and we have already had many laughs and some tears during this past week.

Let start with the trying aspects of our return (not complaining just sharing):

--Getting over the loss of our laptop and all our files (we think it was stolen from the plane in London)
--Found out that the repairs to our vehicle were not completed per our agreement with the local garage (surprise, surprise)
--Found that we have inherited a family of rats and also some cockroaches who have made our vehicle their home during our absence
--Had to deal without hot water for some time as our water heater broke shortly after our arrival

Now let me share the blessings:

--Seeing all the bright smiles of those Zambians who have missed us dearly during our furlough
--The kids being re-united with their dog spud
--Receiving a roster as a welcoming present from our dear friend Pastor Chipaya
--The wonderful smell of diesel everywhere you go
--Getting back into ministry little by little

The bottom line is that while our return may have not been picture perfect or full of convenience it has been a vehicle to remind us where our peace and comfort truly come from.

Sorry this is so short (this is Luke writing) but I promise to get Elise to the Internet cafe in the near future so you can have a much more detail report. We love each of you dearly and so appreciate the sacrifice you make to partner with in prayer and support. You are such as blessing and an essential part of what we do every day for the Kingdom of God here in Zambia.

God bless and PRESS ON & INTO HIM

His Servants

The Whitfields <><

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