Thursday, July 23, 2009

Preach it up!

It has been a full and fun couple of weeks speaking at different places. I have been loving it.

It started two weeks ago when I spoke twice at Baptist Conference meeting on discipleship. The next day I spoke to the Seminary students on prayer. That Sunday I preached at a compound church on Guarding your Heart.
Then the next week I spoke at homeschool convention to about 200 hundred kids, speaking on being a light to the world. I then spoke a few days later to a pastor's fellowship in Ngombe. This was in addition to my three days a week teaching that I have been doing and the youth group that I teach on Sunday. I am now preparing to give two talks on August 5 and 6 for our pastors conference on Building Biblical Marriages. This type of schedule is not typical but some months are busier than others. It has been fun to have the opportunity to meet new pastors, churches, parents and students and I continue to be challenged to study and preach in a way that encourages people. Thanks for your prayers.

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