Wednesday, August 05, 2009

More missionaries to Zambia?!?!?

I just wanted to share a newsletter from a family who have their sights on Zambia. You can say you heard it here first. Please be praying for them!

Dear Family and Friends,
Many of you know that since Derek and I met in Zambia and got married, we have sensed God leading us to become long-term missionaries back in Zambia with Action International Ministries. Through a series of providential events, we got in contact with
the current ACTION Zambia director, Tim Hilty, who has asked us to come back long-term to coordinate and lead the CROSS (Churches Ready to Overcome Silence and Stigma) project.
Currently, CROSS works with churches to turn the tide of silence and stigma surrounding the pervasive issueof HIV/AIDS. Our vision is to also address the silence and stigma around broken/destructive marriages and battered women. All of those issues are rampant in the Zambian culture and church, and many Zambians do not see anything wrong.

Derek and I are excited about returning to Zambia to work in
this capacity. However, before we return long-term, we need to
be approved in person by several entities: our sending church –
Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis; the mission agency – Action
International Ministries; and the ACTION Zambia Board of
Directors, which is most immediate at this point. Going to
Zambia and being approved by the Board of Directors allows
them and the team to decide if we would be a good fit.
Personally, we also hope that this trip would further confirm
God’s calling and, therefore, help us to stay in Zambia for the
long haul. We will be sending out an update letter soon, but we wanted to specifically ask you in this letter to support us in any of the following areas:
• Pray that God would continue to guide us and give us wisdom and discernment regarding each of these big decisions.
• Pray that God would provide a nursing job for me, so that I can get helpful experience for the
future and income for the present. Though jobs are scarce and I’ve sent out 75-100 applications
with no takers, God is abundantly able to provide exactly what I need.
• Financially support us to take this vision/confirmation trip to Zambia in mid-August for 7-10
days, before Derek starts Fall semester. We hope to both go but realize that Derek may have to go by himself if we cannot afford $3,000 in plane tickets.*
We look expectantly to God, who provides all our needs, to meet us at every step along the way. This path that God is leading us down is filled with joys and hardships, so we strongly desire to be buoyed through your prayers and help for the sake of Jesus Christ in Zambia.
That Zambians would love Jesus more,
Derek and Kristin Dearth
*If you would like to tax-deductibley contribute to our plane tickets, please write a check to Action
International Ministries with “Dearth #43010” in the Memo line and mail it to PO Box 398, Mountlake
Terrace, WA 98043-0398 by August 5th. Thank you!

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