Monday, August 31, 2009

(un) limited Internet

You who are reading this are probably enjoying reading this with something that is called, Unlimited Internet. It means you can use your internet unlimitingly. I think that is nice. They haven't quite discovered that here in Africa and so we are limited, very limited. We get .5 gigs during the day and 2.5 gigs at night. A few downloads and some emails and a youtube upload and we are done for. We used quite a few during the middle of the month and so we have been paying the price, literally and figuratively, at the end of the month. Literally we have been paying the price because you CAN top up by getting some more space, but it cost around $12.50 for 100 megs. So, that adds up quickly. Figuratively we are paying the price, because you can't do blogs or anything like without going to an internet cafe.

Now, don't take this for whining or complaining, because I am very grateful to have internet at my home. I say all this so you know the reason I haven't blogged much recently. BUT, tomorrow is a NEW MONTH!!!! So, be a-watchin' the blog because I got some good stuff to share!

See ya tomorrow.

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